Artist Profile by: Peter Balm

I take my inspiration mostly from my travels. I have seen parts of Asia and quite a lot of South-, Central- and North-America. Born in the Netherlands, I look at the world with Western-European eyes. I have a naive but also dark vision of the world. I travel the world to find leisure but also some kind of meaning in life. I don't believe in materialism as a way to get happy, and since I am an Atheist, it can be hard to experience something bigger then 'day-to-day life'. There must be more(!). That's why I try to chase something 'magical' when I travel, and I think my desperate search shows in a lot of my work. The magical can be found, but is often quite disappointing as well. I need the supernatural. I need to learn about the Mystery of human existence. 

When I'm at home in Amsterdam, I love walking around in the multicultural parts of town. I enjoy the strangeness of different cultures in combination with mine. I think human beings are incredibly strange creatures, witch makes them a lovely subject for my work. I look with fascinated eyes at other human beings, without too much judgement. 

Though the works are colorful and solid, the scenes seem to fall apart, as if waking up from that particular dream. The relation between the positive and negative is very important. The work must be childish and dark at the same time. The paint is dripping and the figures and landscape are soft and almost melting.
I try to work fast, so there are elements in the process I cannot control. I like losing control, and then try to regain it. 

I work with paint, pencil, charcoal, crayons, woodcut, paper mache and plaster. 


Jonat Deelstra Solo Exhibition - GoMulan Gallery (2019)

Legacy - GoMulan Gallery (2018)

Solo exhibition - Cinetol, Amsterdam (2018)

Trasher Studio opening - Amsterdam (2018)

Exposure HKU  - HKU Oudenoord, Utrecht (2017)

Kamermuziek - Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam (2016)

Super T-Markt – Concertgebouw Amsterdam (2016)

Traces of the wetsuitman – Academiegalerie, Utrecht (2016)

Misverstand – Oudenoord, Utrecht (2016)

Solo exhibition – Studio K, Amsterdam (2015)

Exit – Hal 3, Utecht (2015)

Curare! - Amstelhaven, Amsterdam (2014)

Solo exhibition – Brussel, Haarlem (2013)

Vers Vlees 020 – The house of rising, Amsterdam (2013)


Opium Atelier - Hilversum (2019)

Broedplaats Bogota - Halfweg (2019)

GinDs - Hoofddorp (2019)


Game Design – Mediacollege Amsterdam (2009-2013)

Illustration – HKU (2013-2017)


De Verre Vriend - Independently Published(2017)

Dedicated to People - Independently Published(2018)